Our Calibration Services Like electrical temperature and pressure facility is not only accredited to our in-house laboratories but also for measurement at customer premises.



 Source And Measure – Voltage AC/DC, current AC/DC, resistance, frequency,

capacitance, temperature simulate


Dimensional – Vernier caliper, micrometer, height gauge, thickness gauge, feeler

gauge, standard foils,

Force – torque wrench, torque device or meter.

Pressure – pneumatic and hydraulic pressure gauge, pressure recorder, pressure

switch, pressure transmitter, safety relief valve.

Vibration – Vibration meter, vibration analyzer

Acoustic – Sound level meter, sound level calibrator

Velocity – Hot wire, vane type, and pitot tube anemometer


 Temperature – Temperature controller, temperature indicator, temperature,

recorder, temperature gauge, temperature , transmitter, Infrared thermometer

Temperature Chamber – Oven, incubator, chiller, freezer.


Potable gas detector calibration, light meter and Temp and humidity meter